YardYum – An Online Platform For Landowners & Gardeners

In this advanced, high-tech world, nearly everything is available online – whether you want smartphone or even land for gardening. YardYum is an online platform connecting both landowners and gardeners. Everything is super easy and there is not any special skill required to comprehend the whole procedure. If you’re a landowner and want to rent out your unused land, simply sign up and list all the details about your land. Gardeners who’re interested in your land will then contact you.


They employ a very easy to use and understand web interface, making it easy for both landowners and gardeners to work mutually without any possible blunder. If you’re a homeowner with unused land, renting out your vacant land could turn out to be a great decision. You could either earn with $ or get some portion of what they grow.

It’ll cost you nothing to avail services from YardYum because it’s absolutely free. They use the latest encryption protocols technology to make sure you enjoy a complete privacy and your personal data is fully protected. If you’re an individual wanting to offer its garden for rent, YardYum is the right place to get started.


If you feel comfortable with the landowner, you may continue working with him/her. But if you’re not satisfied with the land location or any other thing, you can part ways politely without creating any mess.

Here’s how the contract between landowner and gardener works;

‘’We provide a template that you can use for your contract. The agreement includes terms like available access days/times, payment terms, how watering works, etc. You can, of course, choose to do a verbal agreement too, if you both want to be more informal. Once your gardening contract expires, you can choose to extend it for another season, cease using the plot for a garden, or search on YardYum for another plot. It’s up to you!’’