Promotional Strategies with Personalized Pen

The disclosure of a trademark must be done in a strategic and personalized way, either for a specific audience or for a specific action. When the company invests in an action without strategy and does not personalize the communication, it is more likely to be unable to take any benefit from the investment.

This kind of attitude on the part of the companies is very common. Many brands invest in unplanned actions and in the end, after realizing that they have no positive results.

Customizing products for example promotional pens are a strategy with the company branding that can provide great benefits to the business. They are strategically distributed, of course.


  1. Focus on time to distribute

Distributing personalized gifts or products offers benefits to the business because it reaches the target audience directly and can reach a large number of people. On the other hand, distributing without a defined goal or strategy may not provide any good results for the brand.

For example, if your brand sells products to a young, sporting, and single male (thinking of the simplest profile), it will not do any good to distribute promotional pens at an event for women, mothers, and married couples.

The distribution can also not be random. You need to know your audience, know where it is, what locations are, and do the distribution there.

  1. Offer gifts to clients and partners

Thanks to the customer for trust and other companies for the partnership can be made with a personalized pen. You can assemble a kit with products that this audience will use, such as a notebook, a pen drive, and a personalized pen.

The choice of pen template can be based on the audience profile. Choose a period to justify the present, such as the end of the year or the anniversary of the company.