Keeping Up with New Technology with Container-based WordPress Hosting

WordPress is an amazing platform for creating blog and websites. WordPress is a content management system (CMS), and it is an ideal platform for non-technical persons to build and maintain professional-looking websites. WordPress is considered one of the fastest CMS, and it is search engine optimization (SEO) friendly as well.

However, this does not mean that WordPress is perfect, and neither does it mean that there is not any room for improvement. The overwhelming popularity of WordPress has attracted a lot of attention from people with malicious intentions. Such people, also known as hackers, are always busy to find any loopholes in websites running WordPress.

Speed and availability are two other issues that always have some room for improvement. These issues are not specific to WordPress websites, but concern all web hosting environments. This is where different hosting services come into play with different products.

Container-based hosting addresses many issues and brings considerable improvement to WordPress hosting. Container based technology is a virtualization technology that runs several instances of operating systems and applications in separate space known as containers. Containers significantly increase available computing resources. Here are the three benefits of having a container-based WordPress hosting.



Security is a prime concern for any website owner. Losing your website not only proves costly but also risks your reputation in the eyes of search engines and the users. Container technology deploys your application like WordPress in a separate standardized unit called a container. This isolation makes your website and data secure. If any other applications on the server are ever compromised, the applications and data inside your container remain safe.

Portability and Availability

The container-based approach offers portability and high availability. It is easy to replicate a container from one server to another. Furthermore, container-based approach protects your sites from performance issues. Because your site is replicated across multiple containers, if one container is not available, your site can be accessed through the second container. This process is automated, so, you do not need to take any action to keep your site up and running.

Speed and Performance

Today, sites need to be super-fast. Users and search engines prefer sites that are fast and reliable. Container-based technology ensures that your sites run fast enough. As compared to traditional virtualization, containers eliminate hypervisor and guest operating system (OS) layers. Removing these additional layers results in decreased overhead and increased performance. Additionally, eliminating layers reduce the chances of attacks.

From a user’s perspective, containers do not have any difference as far as the usability is concerned. The users can use the container-based hosting like any other hosting environment without the need of learning any new technology. You can set up containers with the technology of your choice. And if you decide to change the technology, you can do it with a press of a button without any downtime.

Container-based WordPress platform is a significant improvement, and you can rely on this technology to power your WordPress sites. Keeping up with technology was never easier, and now you can not only keep up but also take a step ahead of your competition.

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