How to Get Rid of Facebook Viruses

How to Get Rid of Facebook Viruses

Facebook is everywhere and everyone is using it to connect with people and have fun with friends. But, there’re many viruses that are affecting Facebook users to gain special purposes. Mostly, these viruses are created by scammers and hackers wanting to do something illegally such as to gain huge traffic and have access to someone else’s secret information. With this in mind, we are up with a blogpost explaining how one can get rid of these Facebook viruses. Let’s find out how you can do this below,

How to Get Rid of Facebook Viruses

Don’t forget to logout

It has been seen with many people that they don’t logout properly from their mobile device, making their Facebook account vulnerable to viruses, hackers and scammers. It’s highly recommended that you should logout fully each time after using Facebook simply to reduce the likelihood of getting any virus. You should wait until you see a confirmation screen showing you’re now logged out.

Get into the habit of clearing your browser history

Removing cookies and cache is something that also keeps you from all the potential hackers and viruses. You should make a habit of clearing your web history each time you use your device or computer. This will really help you get rid of all the possible threats and viruses.

Check your web browser add-ons

Many Antivirus programs skip browser add-ons, so it’s better that you should check your add-ons to see if there’s any suspicious stuff lying there for no reason. Disable all of them you think are nothing and useless. There’s also no dearth of fake apps such as App Grafitti, YouTube plugin, Video Codec and more.

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