How to Exchange Your Gift Cards to Naira with Ease

The advancement of technology has cut across all facets of life not leaving out “gifting”. Gifting has evolved from the regular to a more spiced-up mode. The introduction of Gift cards has solved some gifting-associated problems like deciding the best gift to present or lack of time to visit a physical store to shop.

Gift cards are not popular in African countries and are therefore popularly traded for cash. There are a lot of platforms that carry out this service. One of the best of these platforms to sell your gift cards for cash is CardVest.

Best Platform to sell gift cards for Naira

From inception till now, CardVest has taken as much time as is needed to unravel the normal and unique slips of our rivals in this industry. With these disadvantages, we have chipped away at different leads and arrangements throughout the years to turn into the best Gift card Exchange organization. CardVest offers a wide range of cards exchange e.g iTunes gift card, Amex Gold gift card, Nike gift card, eBay gift card, Amazon gift card, Walmart, etc. The beauty of CardVest is that it offers the best rates for all its gift cards. For example, Steam gift card (UK Steam Physical) ranges between 370/$ to 380/$ on other platforms. On CardVest, Steam gift card (UK Steam Physical) is exchanged at 410/$. For Apple Store (USA Apple Store physical $400-$1000), you enjoy 380/$ on CardVest. On other platforms, it ranges between 320/$ to 330/$. CardVest offers iTunes gift cards (USA iTunes physical 100) for 340/$. On other platforms, it is traded at 310/$ and much more.

CardVest has an all-encompassing firewall that helps guard customer’s information and ensure that they continually remain private. CardVest priority for its customers is second to none. We have a 24/7 customer support that is always on the go to respond to all issues. At CardVest, our customers seat at the center of our hearts and we treat them as the king they are!

How to trade Gift Cards for Cash

Trading Gift Cards on CardVest is straightforward. Download the CardVest App on google play store and follow the steps below;

Step 1) Log in if you are an existing user. For new users, click the sign-up button and provide the necessary details to get your account registered.

Step 2) Add your account details; On the navigation bar, select wallet and click “add bank” (you can add more than one bank account)

Step 3) Sell your gift card; On the navigation bar, select trade. Select the gift card you want to trade, the category, and upload the image. After providing the necessary details, click on place order. Your transaction will be processed immediately.

Step 4) Withdraw Funds; On the navigation bar, select wallet and click withdraw. Input the amount you want to withdraw and the bank you want it sent to.

For any inquiry or support, select profile on the navigation bar and click “Live chat support”. We have a team that is 24/7 available to respond to your questions.

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