Galaxy Note7 vs. iPhone 6S


Since the first step in the market, there has been a tough competition among the two manufacturers Samsung and iPhone. Both of these are striving hard to win the hearts of their customers by introducing new gadgets every year with marvelous specs. In this quest for innovation, Samsung has released the whole new Note 7 to its enchanting series Galaxy Note. Since the release of Note 1, this series has always satisfied its customers but there is a strong rivalry among the iOS users. However, Samsung has skipped Note 6 and introduced Note 7 to cope up with the iPhone 6S. Apple has always been termed as the king of designs and due to its finishing it had nailed all the contenders yet due to the release of Note 7, there is a tough competition. Note 7 is sleeker, stylish and has all the improvements expected in Samsung mobile phones.galaxy-note7-vs-iphone-6s

Talking about the appearance, iPhone 6S is about 6.2 inches as compared to 6.0 inches of Note 7. While note 7 has an edge of being lighter in weight as compared to 6S plus. There had been several gossips related to retina display that iPhone posses. However, Note 7 gives a tough competition, its display is much brighter and compose of 518 pixels as compared to 401 ppi in its contender. Thus if we are speaking about the display then Note 7 clearly outshines the iPhone in this aspect. In addition to the display IPhone beats Notes series in terms of specs. It is offered in the extended storage that is 1128 GB as compared to 64 GB in Note 7. If we are talking about the chipset then on Paper iPhone 6S seems much lagging having a 2GB of ram compared to 4GB and a smaller processor. Yet in terms of working no noticeable difference is observed as Apple has always kept its original specs secret. So as a whole there seems a tie among the two devices and the customers remains loyal to their flagships.