Cookie Jam Review: The Devil of Match Three Games

Cookie Jam by SGN doesn’t try to hide a thing at all. You can easily see it as the variation of Candy Crush it is. You need to overcome monsters like gingerbread if you want to continue your journey with the campaign. You can use special pieces that will help you to clean the board.



This is a typical match three game. You have to line up the pieces based on the instructions of each level and prepare the key elements of stage. If you get rid of four or more tiles each time, while forming an L or T, you will be rewarded handsomely.

Power Ups

Cookie Jam is rich in power ups. These are quite useful when it comes to survival and winning. You need to spend a few coins for different power ups. Don’t worry, you don’t always have to spend money to acquire them. You can get a lot of them for free as you make your way across the Cookie Jam universe.

You will find that rolling pin is the most useful power up.  This is very useful if you have rows filed with waffle squares which you will have to get rid of. Spoon is another power up that gets the job done. It gets rid of the toughest part of puzzle for you.

Get Rid of Waffle Pieces

Waffles are a great challenge in Cookie Jam. You need to get rid of them in case you want to move ahead. If you want to remove the waffle piece surrounding the cookie ingredient, you will have to coordinate the pieces that are trapped in the waffle. This way, the big guy will break apart and you can progress. Some levels have even 20 or more waffles. So you need to prepare yourself for them.