You don’t have to get rid of your car radio unit just because it has stopped working. It probably costs a decent amount of money and has every feature any modern car stereo should- a USB port, Bluetooth connection, special song mixers, and so on.

If you throw it away before you thoroughly inspect it, you might be junking a nice piece of equipment and you will be definitely spending on a new car radio. You don’t have to do that, well at least not now when you can read all about the most frequent problem that our car radio users encounter. It is the problem with the car radio unlock codes.


When you seem not to be able to turn on your stereo unit always check if something strange is going on, on the radio display. If it is entirely off just try pulling and pushing it back again in its place. After this you will see that the display shows some things that it didn’t show before. You would probably see four or five hyphens with a message to enter the code here.

Some car radio manufacturers have standardized codes of all stereo devices they produce and they assign the same unlock code for all of them. So the unlock code they would put would be something like 0000, or something like 1234 etc. however these standardized codes are not safety-friendly for the user. Anyone can pull your car radio out and use it as their own attempting one of the most frequent standard codes. This is the reason why nowadays, the car radio manufacturers then to have specific codes for every sold unit. It apparently gives the user a higher sense of security and the thieves stay away from stereos then know have specific codes.

Hopefully your car radio device doesn’t have one of these standardized codes. If you suspect that it does you can try them out but it would be at your own risk. If you enter the wrong code for five times then you wouldn’t be able to repair the radio under no cost.

On the other hand, you can try another free solution. It costs you nothing and it will take less than no time to navigate through it.

Download the Radio Codes Calculator Tool from one of the many online sources. You will know that it is the correct tool and not an illegitimate copy by the number of downloads and the many positive reviews and high ranks. You can use that opportunity to read some of the comments as well and get to know more about how the Radio Codes Calculator Tool   from the personal experience of the real-life users. You can also contact the customer and support center if you have a particular question in mind or a doubt of any sort. They are very responsive to emails so you will probably get your answer in a minute or two.

If working with an application of this sort is entirely new to you then you may consider checking out the tips and tricks posted for you in the section bellow:

To be able to use the Radio Codes Calculator Tool without any problems you need to have a stable internet connection. This is important because the tool would be downloaded in a minimum amount of time and it will save you time.

Next, you should figure the serial number of the stereo. You can find it on a sticker on the radio itself.

Once the installation is over you can open the Radio Codes Calculator Tool with two clicks on it.

You don’t have to write your car radio’s manufacturer, but you can select it from the options offered for you there. The same goes for the model of the stereo too.

You must type the serial number yourself. There is no auto-fill option here.

You will see the “generate” option only when you have entered all the required details by the Radio Codes Calculator Tool.

When you click on the option the actual code-generating procedure will begin and any time soon the car radio unlock code should be delivered to you.

Enter the car radio code carefully. If you don’t get it right the first time, remember you have for more attempts left.

And, that is there is to it. It is a really cool software application tool and a very safe one to use. Don’t let the car radio problem bother you any longer and deal with it immediately and for free.