Branding Made Easy with Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, businesses looking to boost their presence and following often turn to social media marketing.

And since almost everyone is on social media, this move is both wise and beneficial.

Used right, social media marketing can provide incomparable benefits that are hard to miss.


In a Nutshell

Social media marketing or SMM is a type of Internet marketing that makes use of social media networks to achieve branding and marketing communication goals.

Primarily, social media marketing entails social sharing of videos, images, and content for marketing purposes.

Getting Started

Promoting one’s brand using social media might seem straightforward.

However, it’s not as easy as it seems.

Prior to putting social marketing into action, a social strategy needs to be formulated first.

Get your brainstorming session off to a good start by asking yourself one key question: What do you want to achieve?

Additionally, as you go along, you need to provide answers to other key questions:

  • Who are your target audience?
  • How do they use social media?
  • Where do they usually hang out?
  • What message do you want to impart to them?

Also, consider it imperative to identify the goals/objectives you would like to achieve through social media.

Some of the likely goals can include:

  • Boost site traffic
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Build conversions
  • Create brand identity
  • Foster positive brand association
  • Improve communication
  • Enhance interaction


Beneficial Tips

To help ensure you achieve majority (if not all) of the social media marketing tips you have identified, take the following savvy SMM tips to heart:

  • Plan – apart from answering the key questions, consider it crucial to also do keyword research. In addition, brainstorm and come up with interesting content that will capture the interest of your audience.
  • Content – while cliché, content is and will always be king. Ensure you share and post valuable, helpful, and high quality content your audience would want to also share.
  • Brand image – social media marketing gives you the opportunity to establish and build your brand image across diverse social media platforms.

Important: Even if you have a presence on different social media environments, your brand’s core identity should remain constant.

  • Links – while your social media marketing should primarily revolve around the brand sharing its own unique content to gain fans, devotees, and followers, it would also be a good idea to also consider linking to outside sources as well.

If you find other valuable sources that will resonate with your audience, do not shy away from sharing them. In addition, linking to outside sources can also enhance reliability and trust. If you’re extra lucky, you will end up getting a link back in return.

  • Blog – a great social media marketing tool, blogging provides you with the opportunity to share a wide array of content and information with your readers.

Your company blog can also work as your social media marketing blog. It can be the ideal venue where you can share contests, events, and other current social media efforts.

  • Competitors – keeping an eye on the competition is no doubt crucial. Your competitors can be a valuable source for industry-related links, relevant keywords, and other necessary social media insights.

If you notice your competitors are using a particular social media marketing technique that works, you can do the same but do it better.

  • Analytics – without the ability to track data, you won’t be able to measure the success of your social media strategies. Fortunately, tools like Google Analytics can be used to gauge the potency and effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts. It can also help you identify strategies that are better off forgotten.

In line with this, ensure you attach tracking tags to your social media marketing campaigns so you can effortlessly monitor them.