Advantages of Smart Homes for the Elderly

Smart homes have rapidly gained popularity over the years. Smart homes have played a revolutionary role in the technological world and have made the lives of people convenient. While it has created convenience for everyone it has the most advantages for senior citizens. It has considerably reduced the risk of accidents in old age when an attendant is not present.

Loneliness and isolation may also result as a consequence of getting old due to less attention being given to them by those around them. The IoT Devices for Elderly have made their lives more comfortable without being dependent on anyone. Here are some of the smart devices that have made the lives of senior citizens easier and convenient.


Fall Detection

With smart sensors movement can be easily detected inside your room. They often come built in with smart lights. When someone enters the room the lights and when they leave the lights are turned off. The slightest change in your work routine can also be detected with smart home devices as they are good at identifying schedules and timetables. So, they help your elderly age with grace. Smart sensors also have a feature for fall detection.

A fall while in the older ages can have detrimental consequences. Injuries may be more grievous and may cause irreparable damage in most cases. It can become extremely difficult for the body to cope up with these injuries as healing becomes a slow process. Many hospitalization in the older ages are because of falls. This device will prevent such hospitalizations. When a fall occurs they will immediately notify you so you can provide medical assistance at the earliest.

Smart Plugs

Many people are replacing traditional plugs with smart plugs as they are easier to install, operate, and manage. For the elderly, these devices offer amazing assistance. A stove is the most common example where a smart plug can be used.

If your grandmother loves to try out new recipes in the kitchen but is unable to stand for long hours in the kitchen then this may be the ideal device for her. If you get a smart plug she may be able to relax in the lounge or bedroom while the food cooks on the stove. She can then set timers for it to turn off or turn it off with a mere touch on her smartphone. Similarly, smart plugs can be used for many other common devices like fans, lights, TV, etc.

Smart Security Devices

With elderly people in your home, security may be your major concern. With the aging process, they lose their ability to identify and respond to danger. While at work you may constantly worry about how your grandparents may be doing at home. Your grandparents may not be very comfortable being alone at home as they may fear any suspicious activity. When you install smart home security devices the elderly in your home feel safe and secure. If your grandparents can leave the house then these devices may keep a track of that too. These can be extremely helpful in patients of Alzheimer’s or dementia. When they are at home they can check who enters the house without having to go to the door. You can trust smart devices as they also allow visual confirmation. Attendants can be at peace that they can see their elders all the time.

Smart Lights

The importance of smart lights for the elderly in your home cannot be underestimated. While you are away from you can control your smart lights via your smartphone. However, your grandparents may not go out of the house much. Their greatest struggle could be getting out of bed every night to switch the lights off. Smart lights can be operated easily with your phone so no manual effort is required. They are easy to install and can also reduce your electricity bills as they help you conserve energy.

Smart Speakers

This device has proven to be very helpful for older people. Aging causes them to lose memory which is why they may forget the doctor’s appointment and other tasks scheduled for the day. Smart speakers are also a huge help when it comes to emergency situations, as they can easily call for help. As the other family members get busy with their work and schedules the elderly n the house may feel lonely and isolated. With smart speakers, they do not need assistance to connect with their loved ones. They just have to give a mere voice command and it will connect it to them.

With Alexa, you can have added features of Alexa drop in to leave a message with other users. Smart speakers also allow you to add subscriptions to them. These will ensure that the elderly in your home have timely reminders for medication, audiobook access, etc. With these features, they will not only feel empowered being able to do things without your assistance but it will also allow them to have a good time when you are not around.

Final Thoughts

The advantages of smart homes are the major reasons why they are growing in the US. While they may have a lot of advantages for you they have a much greater advantage for the older people around you. It offers the convenience to be able to do things their own way and in their own time making them feel more independent and empowered. They are also extremely helpful in keeping them entertained and not getting frustrated during the day.