Ntw Designs: Maximizing the One Page Web



Are you using a one page web design? The one page web design has certainly improved and given designers more room to design on page. Maximizing the one page web design even further merely means to put it into further use and make it even better than it already is. Ntw Designs ( http://www.ntwdesigns.com/) has given some amazing pointers to maximize the one page design. See below.


1.Transparency. Transparency on certain elements can create a great illusion and make a web design page look even bigger and more 3d in a sense. Use transparent images wisely and tactfully on a web design.

2.Animated Slide Scroll. One of the main features on a one page web design is the very long vertical page scrolling! A quick jQuery effect can instantly animated that slider scroll leading to a better overall design effect.

3.Simple Background. A heavy background image may overshadow the entire layout most of the time. Going for a simple or light colored background will improve the size of a website in a visual view.

4.Minimal Motion Effects. Having minimal effects on a one page web design can certainly place the design in a different perspective. By integrating slight motion effects, this will improve user activity on page. Always test out your motion effects to verify that they do work on all devices and all browser versions.

5.Even Color Choice. As made clear on point 3, heavy color choices may overshadow the entire layout and minimize it versus maximize it. Selecting an even color theme for your website is a great way to make your one page web design look even more visually appealing.

The one page web design layout has introduced is the new modern form of web design. Use the 5 ways above given by Ntw Designs to make your one page web design layout even more advanced!

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